hey everybody!!
after awhile im back on this boring space!
just to update everyone that i will be flying off to a hundreds of islands located at th indian oceans.
there’s a lot of newly couples would like to seek for their honeymoon trip.

so here comes:
this small little islands is as big as from malaysia right now to singapore.

hmmm just for your information,
during my travel will be th monsoon peiods.
i really hope it will have lesser rain.
i definitely gonna jump into th pool and relax my entire mind.
been running lots of marathon (keying in all my bookings and follow up)
sometimes it totally pissed me and turned me off.
no choice. this is part of my life.
i have to continue this for twelve more months starting from 30 sep this year.

therefore i will have at least two full years of working experience 🙂
sometimes i do miss my ex-colleagues.
still prefer to work with them. without them i still felt a bit lost.

im leaving this coming saturday.
dont miss me people.
will do a blog post the following weekend.
fyi, i will be heading to kuala lumpur for a short getaway session in early october too 🙂


it’s gonna be everybody’s dream place to visit too.
it has been my all times dream place to visit when i got th money to travel too.
for honeymoon couples, divers and etc.

bintan, batam all i had been.
this time round will be Maldives (4.5hours away from my hometown)

my schedule for my FAM trip this coming 24th september.

just one more week and im flying off to male for my 7d5n trip in maldives.
will be visiting six resorts for inspection and relaxation at the same time.

show you all some photos for my preview:
most of the photos will be from th net.
but dont worry when im back from my trip i will definitely do a review of my trip for everyone.

therefore you all can prepare yourself what stuff you all have to bring and how much gonna be your budget for th entire trip 🙂

photos for the first resort:
Shangri-la Villingili Resort




next, anantara dhigu, anantara veli and anantara naladhu:







next gonna be my favourite resort:
Velassaru Maldives 🙂
just one photos for all of you all first


follow by kurumba resort
(the very first resort in th entire



and last but not least Sheraton Fullmoon Maldives (the most popular resort) no photos at the moment.

so everybody
my updates 🙂

superrrrr exciteddddd!

hmmm, everyday i just report to work.
and its getting so bored that i dont have any freedom.
work and work and work.
i want to apply one week of leave.
i need a getaway badly.
planning to have a short trip in september.
just dont wish to be in singapore.
guess where i will be heading too?


so yea~~ kuala lumpur.
i didnt have enough time and money when i board the cruise on royal caribbean in may.
so i had to pop by kuala lumpur for a good shopping and good makan trip.

gonna be as happy as th photos below:


lastly just wanna say i gonna my very first SK-II (birthday pressie from jiejie and korkor)

hope that this facial treatment essence will cure my cheek area 🙂

alrighy. people take care yea~~
will update this space when im free :))

definitely a must workout for me weekly.
joining california fitness with not regrets.
taking my very best to fulfil at least three times a week to make full use of it.
toning up is never as easy as you think.
you might be slim but what about toning (at least more muscular mass in your body)?

am trying my very best to tone up and slim down at th same time.
twelve more kilograms to go.
not easy isn’t it, huh!!

am gonna give myself at least three more months to burn six kilograms off th scale.
just need regular exercise, weights and cycles.
what’s more body balance to balance up your body and relax your mind too.

i shall end here 🙂
*its th seventh month*
and my birthday is cominggggg :)))

am so bored with th job scope im working now.
but i have no choice to control till december 2011.
because i want to lead tour overseas.
i got three tours on hand now. i just hope i am able to lead one tour because i left this company.
pay is just too little for me if i dont hit target.
and its isnt as easy as you think as abc.

my goodness. seeing people earn so much a month and im still at th basic.
what th.
and i need to clear my school loan.
which equals to a prada bag.
and i work so hard this few months just to clear my school loans.
decided not to pay instalment because th interest is freaking high. 4.75% per annum.
i rather i pay straight at a go. just that both my posb and uob will be zero amount.
and i have to re-save up for my trip to taiwan next year march.

alright. i shall stopped all th nagging.
shall start saving hard from august onwards.
and visit california everyday instead of going out.
i need to lose weight badly.
hopefully by next year january will be a healthier and slimmer jocelyn.

jiayou jiayou!!!

hello wordpress. i would be blogging for th time being.
been working.
going to california for training and workout.
dont have th time to update this page.

enjoy your day ahead people.


there’s no events for me to blog about.
therefore my blog is so bored once again.

last saturday went to ponggol nasi lemak ti have supper with friends.
thanks to eugene and joshua for being th driver.
and eugene gonna pay for th most expensive supper.

below are th photos.
had nasi lemak and followed by soya bean drinks 🙂




before th guys enter into their lifetime training of two years.
we need to have more catch up session.

wow!! today i did my shopping of contact lens in jb!
it’s super duper cheap over there.

it was a massive traffic jam this morning.
travel to kranji and th queue was freaking long.
therefore we travelled back to woodlands and take a bus to woodlands centre and walk to th immigration.
my goodness from my house to checkpoint its just 5mins and i took all th way to kranji and back to woodlands again, soooo damn funny.

cleared th immigration.
onboard 950, and it took us half an hour of ride to th malaysia checkpoint.
half way of our journey we cant tahan th jam, therefore we get down and walk to thcheckpoint.
cleared within 40mins, so we reached at 130pm.

time for our lunch at kim gary.
head down to ksl for shopping.
manage to bought half a year contact lens and i swear i am gg in to get more alluring lens..
because its super cheap down there..
you will get as low as 40ringgit per box.

back to city square at 5pm because violet need to be back in singapore by 7pm.
had dessert at secret receipe…
rush back home..
when we reached sgp, her mum say dinner was cancelled due to dad working…
arhhhhhhh ourrrrr seafooooooddd is gone!!!!!!! 

no choice. hanged around at woodlands.
wanna go chinatown to sing k but i have to cab back home alone so i give it a miss..
ended up th rest of them gg sembawang ktv for singing..

reached home!
goddaddy called home “wanna buy anything?” “prawn noodles?”
here th photo

bought for me mummy and daddy..
i shared with mummy cus i cant finish th whole packet..
the soup based is freaking awesome.
you all should try it but i dont know where. i only know its located at yishun!!

lastly the following are my favourite photos for today:



this few weeks, im so busy working, exercising and toning up my body.
till i do not have th time to blog.

hope everyone is doing fine?
gonna be super damn bored post.
because i do not have anything interesting in my life.

everyday just report to work at 10am and ends work at 7pm.
three times a week i have to go california to tone up my body.
because i literally get fatter and fatter.
especially my stomach area, eat and sit all th times.

alrighy, shall end off with this!!


anybody saw this mustard envelope clutch selling at 20dollars please let me know..
im looking for it now.
thank you in advance :))

wow. im so amazed.
went to california yesterday for body combat.
sweat like nobody business.
and th violet is super forgetful. she forgotten to bring her pad.
and she didnt shower. eeeee.

after exercise went to withdraw tonnes of blue notes.
as you can see th thickness of notes i got in my coach wristlet:



ever in my life i withdraw so much cash.
and today mummy just ask me why i withdraw so many 50dollars notes.
you should go to th bank to get thousands in notes.
i told her. transportation expensive and im too lazy to queue up.

next have my hightea at home:
scallops with maggie mee


and my breakfast is only steam corn:


lastly. i had th best cornflakes at home.
thanks to korkor’s friend. who bakes it.
super duper nice and crispy!!!!
let me share with you th photo:


to end off my blog entry.
finally i slept on my new bedding. which is so comfortable!!
have a great day ahead people.